Ktima Gerovassiliou

Ktima Gerovassiliou has been involved in vine cultivation and winemaking since 1981. On the slopes of Epanomi, a few kilometers away from the city of Thessaloniki, a meticulously well-cared vineyard surrounds the modern winery, where the renowned Ktima Gerovassiliou wines are produced.

At Ktima Gerovassiliou, the vineyard is cultivated with great care and enthusiasm that leads Gerovassiliou to constantly researching and experimenting with Greek and foreign varieties, both well and less known ones. New technological advances blend well with tradition throughout vine growing and vinification processes. The aim is to produce high quality wines from grapes cultivated exclusively in privately-owned vineyard; wines that carry all distinct characteristics of the specific microclimate (terroir) in Epanomi.

At the heart of the winery, the Gerovassiliou Wine Museum presents various aspects of the world history of wine-growing. The creation of the Wine Museum itself in combination with the various activities organized -visits, wine tastings, educational programs, seminars, publications- contribute to the diffusion of wine-growing culture.

Ktima Gerovassiliou is open to all oenophiles and anyone wishing to get to know the world of vine and wine. Visits comprise a short walk around the vineyard, a tour in the wine-production, bottling and ageing areas, and the Wine Museum.

Visitors can choose the labels they wish to taste or opt for one of the special designed wine experiences. Current and rare past vintages, compatible raw materials, tasty combinations, and the view of the imposing vineyard complete ideally your visit at Ktima Gerovassiliou. 

(For group visits (>10 people) early booking is required.)


Ktima Gerovassiliou: Winery of the year

Wine&Spirits, USA 2006, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015,2017

Ktima Gerovassiliou: European Winery of the year

Ceuco, Spain 2009

Vangelis Gerovassiliou: among the best 6 winemakers worldwide

Wein Gourmet, Germany 2007

Vangelis Gerovassiliou: greatest Greek wine producer

Tom Stevenson’s Wine Report 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

Vangelis Gerovassiliou: best Eastern Mediterranean winemaker

International Wine&Spirit Competition 2005, UK 2005

Address: Epanomi, 57 500 Thessaloniki, Greece

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