Live streaming - Event

Broadcast your event with the best streaming technology and reach the audience everywhere

Live streaming events, is a great way to improve visibility. It helps you gain a new audience who might not have heard of your event before or who couldn’t make it. Live streaming allows attendees to share the event with friends and co-workers who might enjoy it, which expands your reach. With the support of ARTiCON audiovisual works, we offer a premium live streaming service that will extend the reach of your high-profile event by streaming it safely and securely to audiences around the world.

1. Our live streaming services include the use of 4K camera Sony PXW-FS5, in maximum live resolution streaming 1280x720.

2. We integrate the video on your website or we publish it through Facebook Live or Youtube channel and also in website.

3. We have a commitment to quality, and use a network of highly experienced production specialists to create superior-quality video.

4. We offer a full consultancy service to audit and advice on the best live streaming solution for your business.

Specialising in large events, conferences and road shows, we can help you with event design and production, content management, technical schematics and give you industry-leading advice from the event inception all the way through to execution.

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