The story of Diagonios begins in May 1977. From its first steps until now, the main concern of its owners is the excellent quality, the immediate service, the friendly environment and the delicious satisfaction of the customers. Its well-known handmade soutzoukakia (meetballs), gyros and salads made with pure ingredients in the store itself, are the best advertisement of its kind. It is no coincidence that so far Diagonios has won 5 "Gourmet" awards, a recognition of the value of the food on offer. Customers - friends, known either from the art scene or from the sports, or from the secular are another great advertisement for the store.

It is very important that visitors to our city who had any meal at Diagonios, when they leave, take with them a ... delicious souvenir or even when someone of their own comes to Thessaloniki, they order a package of Diagonios soutzoukakia when they return. For a good and enjoyable family, friendly or professional meal, Diagonios is for you. It is worth visiting and it is unique!

Address: 13 Stratigou Kallari, 54622, Thessaloniki

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