KONSTANTINIDIS company is the most dynamically growing company in the Greek market perhaps with the greatest tradition in high quality sweets. It consists of 12 wholly owned stores of production and retail outlets in Thessaloniki and Athens.

In our open laboratories, with surgical cleansing, the famous sweets are prepared today, in front of the eyes of the customer, who has the opportunity to participate in the delightful process of creating the sweet and to establish its strict manufacturing standards. Of course, only a part of the customer is revealed to the customer!

Because the rest is well hidden in its recipe, its perfect proportions and the constant and unsurpassed quality of its materials.

Smooth music and heady smells complement this experience!


Home delivery 

Now our sweets come to your place within an hour! Place your order online or by phone, and we will deliver it to your address!

We invite you to have a personal experience visiting our stores…

Address: 7 Paulou Mela & 119 Mitropoleos, Thessaloniki